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Many of you know me from Instagram @sportshandicapper26. I am a professional sports handicapper.  Feel free to follow me if you don't already. Go check out the testimonials from many of my satisfied clients if you like. In fact, I encourage it! We are now up over 400 clients on the team and going strong and I hope to have you join our team! I post a free play daily for you on instagram including an indepth writeup of my analysis behind the play so you can start betting with confidence. My expertise is in the NFL/NCAAF, NBA/NCAAB, and MLB. 

  I take the guesswork out of your betting. I put the countless hours that are required each and every day to help you beat the books year round. Oddsmakers have to put lines on every game. My job is to identify value and find an edge in the games for you. I bet all the same games you do so if you don't win I don't win! And I don't know about you, but I like to win! I make a nice living betting my selections and my goal is for you to do so as well.


My mission is to help you start making money with your sports betting and treat it as an investment so you have profits long term. Those of you who have been with me for multiple seasons know what I'm talking about and I love hearing your success stories of what my selections and money management strategies have done for you, including sending you on a nice vacation and helping put a down payment on a home!I love hearing that! Let me help you reach your goals! Feel free to reach out to me here or Instagram, love conversing with you all and welcome again to gold mine sports! Hope you have a great season! I know that we will!



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